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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell
if you have a cute pet, i will probably try
to steal it. BUT i will also give it back.
Los Angeles, CA
Joined January 2009
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 30 happy memorial day, and thank you to everyone who plays a part in keeping america safe. thinking of you and your families. xo         4K         4.3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 30 no rest for the weary/canadian, it's back to work for me today. fun things ahead! #FSD         3K         3.6K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 30 thank you so much for this beautiful artwork, @musicalsoul2! you are incredibly talented!!!

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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 29 me: i'm kidnapping you
ava: you have to let me go or i'll miss my plane
me: okay
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 29 today i learned i'm really, really bad at kidnapping, which was not much of a surprise.         2.6K         3.3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 29 happy sunday! the caldwell girls are going on a brunch hunt, and then i'm staging a casual kidnapping so she can't leave me.         1.2K         1.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 29 i'm always with you in spirit! but... twitter, can we hook this nice young lady up?

spicy @wasabigreens
@sophiacaldwell i'm starting to think the reasons all my dates go so badly is because you aren't there to intervene
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ziggy stardust @harlequeen ∙ May 28 can we nominate @sophiacaldwell for the new host of Intervention         78         144        
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jamie @jamiex ∙ May 28 I would watch a reality TV show where @sophiacaldwell wandered around and crashed people's first dates.         104         398        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 like seriously, don't let it happen to you because just watching it is exhausting and now i feel like i have to tell that guy his date ditched.         3K         6K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 don't let this happen to you! this has been a psa from sophia caldwell, your personal dating companion.         3.5K         6.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 yeah she's gone         2.7K         3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 should i go check on her?         1.5K         1.1K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 i hope she didn't take a fall or anything         1K         1.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 should i send over drinks and ask our server to include a little note that says "STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX I WANT THIS TO WORK OUT FOR YOU"         2.2K         2.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 she's been in the restroom for ten minutes, i'm starting to get worried         1.3K         1.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 sorry for the interruption but those cats just popped up on my feed and were so cute that i couldn't not retweet them 😻         1K         1.7K        
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astrology @wokezodiac ∙ May 27 cats with hearts ~ pisces

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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 i know it's not really any of my business BUT         5K         5.7K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 she just excused herself to go to the restroom, should i go talk to him? should i go talk to her? this date needs an intervention         4.3K         3.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 his ex has a big family though NO STOP IT         2.4K         2.7K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 never mind, he doesn't have any siblings         1.5K         1.6K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 yes good talk about your siblings this is much better         1.3K         1.8K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 she's trying to steer the conversation anywhere else, i am ROOTING for her, she's trying so hard #girlpower         1.7K         2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 for that matter, just stop assuming you know things! (this goes for everyone)         4.2K         5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 men! never imply that ladies only pretend to like sports because we want to get in your pants! we have better ways of doing that!         5.2K         6.7K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 he says she's "a big sports fan, and not the kind of girl who pretends to be into sports because guys like it" oh no         2.8K         3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 no he's talking about his ex oh nononononononononono         3.3K         4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 they're back on track, talking about baseball now, thank god for the blue jays i guess ⚾         1.8K         1.9K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 i was thinking about writing some conversation topics on a napkin and subtly tossing it to their table but that idea got shut down         3.1K         3.4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 and silence again 😁😁😁         2K         2.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 timing the last conversation lull: they sat in silence staring at each other for 74 seconds before he clapped and said "WELL"         2.8K         3.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 but i think they burned through all of their conversation topics in the first fifteen minutes because things are starting to get weird         1.7K         2.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 it all started off fine, he was super gentlemanly, pulled out her chair for her and everything and i love that         1.7K         2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 so i may have been eavesdropping a little bit and things are going downhill really fast 😁         2.3K         2.8K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 but i'm out at dinner right now and i think the couple at the table across from mine is on their first date and you know i love love         2.2K         2.8K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 28 first of all it's important that we note i went a whole twenty four hours without tweeting and i missed all of you a lot         2.7K         3.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 27 my beautiful sister is telling me to put my phone away! 😭         1.3K         1.4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 27 my beautiful sister is here! 😍         922         1.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 27 a little girl just corrected me for calling her dog a puppy. who told her dogs ever stop being puppies????         2.8K         3.9K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 don't avoid your mom though because she'll always find you

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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 the second moral of today's story is AVOID HAVING BROTHERS

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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 the moral of today's story is to trust your mom's judgement! (hi mom i'll call soon)         2.5K         4.3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 normally i wouldn't recommend giving your kids' phone number out to strangers but these two are crazy in love so this is the exception.         2.8K         3.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 he almost didn't do it but something in his gut told him to and now they've been together for FIVE YEARS you guys!         2.5K         2.7K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 it turned out they were around the same age and had some similar interests so she gave him amanda's number and told him to text her.         1.6K         2.4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 but they never would have met if amanda's mother hadn't chatted ken up in line at the grocery store!         1.6K         2.4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 it's about two of our background actors, their names are amanda and ken and they're one of the cutest couples i've ever met 😍         1K         2.5K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 okay guys i just heard a really great meetcute story that i have to share with all of you         1.2K         2.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 NO i haven't had the chance to see it yet! 😭

American Psycho @APtheMusical
Indulge yourself while you can. #AmericanPsychoBway plays its final performance on 6/5/16. http://bit.ly/1nDaTYY
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 26 can we petition @Spike to put me and @PaulCuttler on the next season of #LipSyncBattle? we're ready for it.         6.7K         7.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 check my snaps for a little birthday treat from me later too xo         2K         2.6K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 you all are so wonderful and i wish i could respond to each of you but i have to go now! happy birthday, may 25th babies! 🎉         1.4K         3.3K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 happy birthday, wishing you the best!

rawr @lionlamb2008
@sophiacaldwell 25 on the 25th rt and follow back pleaseeeeeeee?????????
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 you're so sweet!! happy unbirthday to you!

#1 Fifty Shades Fan @mrsgrey1988
@sophiacaldwell It's not my birthday but please answer me I'm your biggest fan ANA X CHRISTIAN forever
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 happiest of birthdays! thank you for all your support!

Wendy Darling @goodmans
@sophiacaldwell I've followed you since the Samantha Brown days, can I get a happy birthday too?
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 happy birthday! make it your best one yet!

ev @everest007
@sophiacaldwell i turn 18 today and the best present would be a happy birthday tweet from you!
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 happy birthday! i love you too!!!

Michie @IAmMichelle
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 happy birthday callie! i hope there is a lot of cake in your future!

karen @kdubby92
@sophiacaldwell it's my sister callie's birthday too and she loves you, can you tweet her a happy bday please
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sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 it's also series finale day for @Nashville_ABC but i'm hoping if i refuse to acknowledge that, it will magically renew itself.         1.3K         932        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 25 rise and shine! today is going to be an awesome day because it's my sister @avac's birthday and she's coming to visit me this weekend!         976         1K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 24 thinking about hotdogs so much made me hungry and i decimated the craft services table and paul is laughing at me #letmeeat         2.8K         4K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 24 i'm from new york so i'm used to getting my hot dogs with mustard and a frown         3.8K         6.1K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 24 the time went so fast, i didn't even have a chance to find out if cream cheese on hotdogs is really a thing.         2K         3.2K        
sophia caldwell @sophiacaldwell ∙ May 24 good morning vancouver! we got some great work done in seattle but it's good to be back again. #FSD         1.1K         2.3K